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Les Amis de la Maison Fournaise
in Chatou

La Seine



"Le déjeuner des Canotiers" Renoir, 1881, sur le balcon de la Maison Fournaise, Phillips collection, Washington USA

The association was founded in 1981 to save the building and to raise additional funds. Its charter is to :
• Research : source documents that tell the history of the house and of those who visit it.
• Increase the awareness of the Maison Fournaise and its history I France and abroad, as well as of the artistic and literary period that surrounded it.
• Augment the museum's collection by purchasing paintings, original documents, reproductions, prints, etc… that are relevant to the period. A number of works have already been acquired, a list of which may be read upon request.

The Association also organizes cultural tours for its members, including visits to expositions and to famous sites such as artist's studios and museums relevant to the period.
Finally, the association published a newsletter in which the historical research sited above is published*. Also, the association participates in the annual Impressionist's carnival in Chatou.

Joining the association
Means actively contributing
To its objectives

(*) A catalog of back issues may be provided upon request